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The Last Unicorn

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This a page about Unicorns in the 80's that were on TV ,or movies. This was start to help people remember the lost unicorns of the 80's and my favorite unicorns. The unicorns that I know of is Unico, Wildfire, and The Last Unicorn, She-ra, Legend, and Rainbow Brite, My Little Ponys, and Dungeons And Dragons.

Dungeons And Dragons-Uni the Unicorn
D&D was a half hour long show and was produced by Marvel Productions in association with TSR Incorporated. It premiered on September 17, 1983. Uni was the kids unicorn in the show. Uni had some magical powers that helped the guy in the green out.

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Lily and the Unicorns
In this movie Unicorns are the good in the world and the devil is the darkess. Jack must save the unicorns' from the devil, if not the darkness will rule the world of mankind. It is the beginning of LEGENDS!

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Last Unicorn main unicornRed BullThe Last Unicorn is a movie about a unicorn that
saves the other unicorns from the red bull. Also on a book. Out
on video:1981

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My Little Ponys
Princess Unicorns
My Little Ponys had specials and a movie and two series. There were some unicorns in the series but I saw more pony doll unicorns then in the series.

Rainbow Brite
Made by:DIC Starlite is unicorn that helps Rainbow Brite keep Rainbowland from the bad guys-Murky and Lurky. He rides Rainbow Brite's rainbow(a real one)

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She-ra: Princess of Power
When Adora becomes She-ra, the unicorn
"Spirit" becomes "Swiftwind" a flying unicorn. And of course they
battle the forces of evil. On the air: 1985 network: syndicated Made by: Filmation/Mattel Inc.

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cute unico
Adult Unico
Unico was a movie by Sanio, also
an anime(Jappanese cartoon). Unico is a baby unicorn that can
make people happy, but the Gods wanted to kill him so he
is taken from this home every time the Gods find him. He can
turn into a grown Unicorn when his friends are in trouble.

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Wildfire opening scene

Wildfire is about a unicorn that helps a Princess,Sara,
regain her throne from Diabolyn. On air from 09/13/86 to
09/05/87, network: CBS. Made by: Hanna-Barbera

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